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  • A Guide To Choosing The Best Summer Horse Rug

A Guide To Choosing The Best Summer Horse Rug

A Guide To Choosing The Best Summer Horse Rug

All horse rugs are designed to do the same thing – provide protection. Whether it is to protect your horse from the cold, heat, rain, wind, sun, dust, or insects… there is a rug specifically created to do the job. Furthermore, horse rugging is an effective way to keep your horse clean and in peek condition.  

With such a dynamic set of goals and functions, it makes sense as to why there are so many choices available in the horse rug market.

So, how do you know what is the best solution for your horse’s needs? Chances are you will need a few different horse rugs for the change in seasons.

Coming into summer, the key things to look for in a horse rug include airflow, protection against harmful UV rays as well as a defensive layer against flies and biting insects.

Here is a simple guide on what to look for when buying a horse rug this summer.

Cotton horse rugs

The main advantage of a cotton horse rug is its breathability. The natural fibres of cotton allow for air circulation by absorbing any moisture or sweat, allowing air to move freely through the fabric and over your horse’s body.

Cotton is naturally soft, providing ultimate comfort and elasticity so your horse can move freely. Great for the active horse, it is also a durable fabric resilient to moderate rips and tears. 

Our luxurious Horsemaster Ripstop Combo rug provides breathability and long-lasting cotton-standard quality. The cotton is made using a special ripstop technique, designed to increase resilience to rips and tears. For more information on ripstop, continue reading. 

Cotton horse rugs are best for: 

  •  Breathability
  •  Elasticity for free movement
  •  UV protection to prevent coat fading
  •  Insect protection
  •  Keep the coat clean and dust-free.

Mesh horse rug

Often referred to as a mesh fly sheet, the key purpose of a mesh horse rug is to keep off summer flies and insects from biting and pestering your horse.

Mesh is lightweight and breezy, offering a cooler option for the horse exposed to extreme heat.

The mesh used for our Kool Master Fly Buster Combo is fine, durable and breathable. The rug also comes with a hood and full ear coverage. 

Mesh horse rugs are best for: 

  •  Protection against summer flies and insects
  •  Lightweight and cool
  •  Moderate UV protection.  

Ripstop horse rug

Ripstop is a type of process used in woven fabrics (cotton or polyester) to make it tear-resistant. Supportive yarns are interwoven during the weaving process in a crosshatch formation to boost fabric strength and durability.

The strength-to-weight ratio of a ripstop horse rug makes it a durable yet lightweight form of protection over summer.

Our popular Horesmaster Ripstop Combo is one of many ripstop horse rugs we have for sale.

Ripstop horse rugs are best for: 

  •  Durable material resistant to rips and tears
  •  Ideal for the active horse.

Polycotton horse rug

Fusing polyester for strength with cotton for breathability, polycotton horse rugs offer a versatile form of protection.

A polycotton horse rug is a popular option for the horse exposed to tough terrain. That is because polyester is an extremely durable fabric, resistant to harsh weather conditions including harmful UV rays, wind, and rain. The addition of soft cotton brings breathability, making polycotton a comfortable horse rug for those hot summer days.

Our popular Kool Master Cotton Ripstop Combo infuses 70% quality cotton with 30% polyester to deliver the ultimate polycotton combination.

Polycotton horse rugs are best for: 

  •  Prevent sun bleaching
  •  Breathable, comfortable fabric 
  •  Protect your horse against harsh weather conditions.  

Flag horse rug

Similar to mesh, flag horse rugs deliver a lightweight layer of protection against summer flies and insects.

The biggest difference between mesh and flag material comes down to the weave. Flag material has a tighter weave, which delivers higher UV protection.

It is important to note that flag material is not very durable and prone to stretching. That’s why Kool Master’s Flag Combo comes with metal fittings to boost strength and durability.

Flag horse rugs are best for: 

  •  Protection against summer flies and insects
  •  Lightweight and cool
  •  UV protection.

Jute horse rug

Jute horse rugs are an effective self-grooming tool commonly used leading into the warmer months to help horses shed their winter coat. The texture of jute attracts loose hairs, leaving a fresh, healthy, and shiny coat underneath.

Our Horsemaster Natural Jute Rug is made of soft and durable fibres, the ideal combination for a shiny summer coat.

Jute horse rugs are best for:

  • Self-grooming 
  • Shedding winter coat 
  • Prepare horse for a show via ensuring a shiny, healthy coat.
Now that you have found the best summer rug to suit your horse's needs, it's important to ensure your horse has plenty of shade and shelter. While a summer horse rug does provide protection against the sun, bugs, and bad weather, they are not a substitute for proper shelter.

A horse that cannot escape the heat of the direct sun can become stressed. That's why the RSPCA recommends domestic horses should always have access to shelter, especially in hot climates.