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  • Care and Use of a Stockwhip

Care and Use of a Stockwhip

Care and Use of a Stockwhip

Care and Use of a Stockwhip

A stockwhip is a hand crafted item and requires care in the use and maintenance to get the best life out of it. The cracker and the fall of a whip are sacrificial items, they are both replaceable and do become damaged through constant use or misuse.

Cracking the whip on concrete and bitumen does a lot of damage and should be avoided. If the cracker comes off, replace it immediately. Prolonged use of the whip without the cracker will shorten the life of the fall considerably.

The regular use of a reputable leather dressing on the thong and fall will help to extend the life of the whip. If your whip becomes wet let it dry naturally.

Should you prefer a lower maintenance option, Karaka Stockwhips from New Zealand offer Synthetic Stockwhips which will not rot and do not require dressing.  The lead loaded whip thong is 100% synthetic meaning it works perfectly in wet weather and if it gets dirty you can give it a quick was and get right back to work!   

Need more info?   Our book 'How to Crack a Stockwhip' may be just the thing!   It is a great booklet written by 1999 and 2002 Australian Ladies Whipcracking Champion, Angie Mooney.  It details issues such as care and maintenance of whips, cracking whips, making and tying a cracker, as well as Stockwhip safety.   Perfect for beginners or as a gift for family or friends!

Practise makes perfect, however allow yourself plenty of room when practising!   

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