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  • Benefits of Magnesium: Could Your Horse Be Lacking This Critical Mineral?

Benefits of Magnesium: Could Your Horse Be Lacking This Critical Mineral?

Benefits of Magnesium: Could Your Horse Be Lacking This Critical Mineral?

Spooked horse? Acting nervous or uneasy?

Your horse could be magnesium deficient.

Magnesium is known as a key ingredient to help treat spooked horses. Many equestrians may have used this remedy before, however, there are so many more amazing health benefits of magnesium for your horse.  

Magnesium is a vital micromineral predominantly found in bone, as well as muscle. It plays a vital role in keeping your horse healthy, happy, and thriving.

Delivering extremely powerful benefits on nerve and muscle functions, magnesium helps activate more than 300 enzymes, impacting numerous bodily functions. Put simply, for your horse to live a healthy and active life, an adequate amount of magnesium is essential for everyday functions.

An adequate amount of magnesium is essential for healthy muscle contractions. The calcium in the muscle causes muscle contraction, while magnesium stimulates relaxation. If your horse is lacking magnesium, the muscle will not be able to rest which can lead to spasms and twitching. The health effects of this can vary from muscle tremors and nervousness to more extreme cases of collapsing or even hyperpnea.

What causes magnesium deficiency in horses?

Stress is a common trigger for magnesium deficiency. The type of hormones released during times of stress feed off magnesium. If your horse is under a lot of stress, it will produce more of these magnesium-hungry hormones. If the magnesium loss is not replaced with a supplement, your horse may suffer from a magnesium deficiency.

That is why it’s so important to ensure active horses who are put under a lot of physical stress get the right recovery. A calming magnesium supplement will help relieve any muscle soreness or other types of pain in the body.

Physical exertion, sweat, and diarrhea can also lead to a magnesium deficiency. Imbalances in electrolytes, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus could also reduce magnesium levels.

A magnesium supplement is an easy way to ensure any possible deficiency is quickly replaced.

How can you tell if your horse needs a magnesium supplement?

Here are some common signs and symptoms of a magnesium deficiency:

  •  Gets easily spooked and cannot relax
  •  Sore, tight back
  •  Angry when being brushed or touched, especially over the back on the sides of the spine
  •  Cranky about being blanketed
  •  History of tying up
  •  Muscle tremors, spasms, or twitching
  •  Hypersensitive to touch
  •  Does not tolerate long periods of work well
  •  Poor work ethic and lack of focus 
  •  More bucking or balking than usual
  •  Requires extensive lunging before being able to focus
  •  Can’t relax - constantly moving, weaving, pacing, or head bobbing. 

There is no denying magnesium is a critical mineral to keep your horse healthy and thriving.

That’s why we offer More-Mag, the simple, ready-to-use solution to magnesium deficiency for horses of all disciplines, including racing. Simply pour the correct dose onto your horse's feed for a quick and easy way to ensure your horse's magnesium requirements are met.

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