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  • Queensland Itch?

Queensland Itch?

Queensland Itch?

Is your horse excessively rubbing its back, butt, tail, mane, face, and/or ears causing hair loss?

Your horse could be suffering from Queensland Itch. Also known as summer eczema, Queensland Itch is a common and very annoying skin condition caused by midge bites.

Many horses are hypersensitive to midge bites, due to an allergic reaction to the chemicals in a midge’s saliva. This results in small lumps on the skin, which are extremely irritating for your horse, causing excessive itching and / or biting to relieve the itch. This constant and vigorous rubbing can quickly lead to scabs on the skin, and hair loss.

Queensland Itch is mainly a problem over summer. It is mostly seen in horses living in northern Australia - particularly Queensland as well as New South Wales. That does not mean our four-legged friends living further south don’t suffer from Queensland Itch. Pockets around Australia with still, stagnant water gives midges prime breeding conditions.

How to treat Queensland Itch:

Prevention is the best way to tackle Queensland Itch. There are many ways to prevent or lessen the number of midge bites on your horse’s skin.

Create an insect-proof stable.

Dawn, dusk, and nighttime are when midges are out in full force. Protect your horse from these periods of high midge activity by keeping them safe and secure inside the stable. Here are a few ways to create an insect-proof stable.

- Install mesh screened windows sprayed with a parasiticide with residual activity.
- Put a fan on high to blow them away. Midges are not strong enough to tackle powerful breezes. 
- Make sure your stable is clean and sanitized and eliminate possible midge breeding areas such as stagnant water or traces of manure.

Rug up!

If your horse is outside during these peak midge times, a summer horse rug is essential. Opt for a lightweight cotton or mesh horse rug combo to protect your horses’ back and neck from annoying midges and other biting insects while ensuring cool airflow. Check out these summer rugs here.

Don’t forget the face.

Give your horse the ultimate protection and cover the face and ears with a fly mask. Better yet, check out this innovative fly mask infused with Citronella oil to not only cover the skin but repel insects at the same time. Check out our full range of fly masks here.

Apply a repellant.

Spray your horse with an insect repellant to reduce the likeliness of bites. For a quick and simple spray solution, check out best-sellers Alto Lab Bug Shield Insect Repellent and Absorbine UltraShield EX Insecticide & Repellent.

Followed all these steps yet still got a biting midge problem? Queensland Itch happens, despite our best efforts to prevent it.

That’s why we’ve got some amazing lotions, oils, and shampoos to help soothe itching, deter rubbing, and regenerate skin.

Give Queensland Itch the flick and check out our extensive range of first aid treatments, coat care, and shine, and horse health care products.