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  • Show Prep: Grooming Good Tips

Show Prep: Grooming Good Tips

Show Prep: Grooming Good Tips

Show Prep: Grooming Good Tips to Prepare Your Horse For a Successful Season Ahead!

Pre-show nerves? Getting ready for a horse show can be daunting, with so much to consider – it can quickly escalate into an overwhelming scramble on the big day.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or first-timer, one thing remains the same – preparation is key.

So, let’s go back to basics with these simple grooming tips on preparing the star of the show, your horse! 

Daily grooming

If you already have a regular grooming routine in place, your horse’s coat will not need too much work leading up to a show.

If you don’t have a regular grooming routine in place, start the habit today! Not only will it make things easier leading up to a show, but your horse will look in tip-top shape year-round. It also allows you to closely monitor your horse’s health, to see if any bumps, bites, or other skin-related issues appear. Plus, grooming is a great way to bond with your horse. Take the chore out of daily grooming and get a grooming kit.

Never underestimate the value of a humble grooming kit. Take the hassle out of grooming your horse and find all the staple pieces conveniently stored in one spot.

Some grooming essentials include a curry comb or grooming mitt, sponge, bucket, body brush, mane and tail brush, shampoo and conditioner, and a towel to dry your horse down. Be prepared and stock up on all your essential grooming gear here. 

Trim up

A fresh cut does wonders to your horse’s appearance. Get the clippers out and make sure your horse is looking neat and tidy. The main areas to focus on include:

The bridlepath. Does your horse have a thick mane? Trimming a bridlepath isn’t just for good looks, it allows the bridle to sit neatly and comfortably between the mane and forelock. The bridle crown should lay flat, so be sure to create a bridlepath in preparation for an event to facilitate this.

The jawline. Sharpen up your horse’s good looks by trimming the jaw and chin.  

The ears. Clean up any protruding hairs by trimming the front of your horse's ears.

The mane. Tame your horse’s mane with the help of a pulling comb. The idea of mane trimming is to thin the hair out for a tidier, less fuzzy appearance, rather than trimming for length.

The legs. Focus on the lower legs by removing any excess feather overlapping the hoof. Avoid clipping against the natural lay of the hair for a smoother cut.  

The tail. If you are not braiding your horse's tail for a show, you will need to make sure it is well trimmed to enhance your horse’s hindquarters. For a smart-looking tail trim, keep in mind how high your horse carries its tail. Whether you are using scissors or clippers, trim straight across the bottom for a smart and tidy finish.

Want the best clippers for the job? Check out our extensive range of quality horse clippers and scissors, specifically designed for animal hair.


A thorough bath to get your horse squeaky clean is a good idea before a show, however, avoid giving your horse a last-minute bath the day before or the morning of.

Why? Allow some time for your horse’s natural oils to develop post-bath. Schedule bath time in a few days prior to the show to give your horses natural shine enough time to shine through.

Add some extra gloss

While a naturally healthy and shiny coat sets the base for a stunning-looking horse, add some extra silky shine to really turn heads.

Applying a coat shine highlights coat colour and muscle definition, helps keep manes and tails tangle-free, repels dirt and dust, helps to reflect light causing hair to shimmer and shine, as well as nourishing the coat and silk proteins to strengthen mane and tail hair.

We have got a variety of sprays and cremes which are quick and easy to apply, for instant results. Check out our range of coat care and shine products here.