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  • How to Build the Perfect Tack Box

How to Build the Perfect Tack Box

How to Build the Perfect Tack Box

The Anatomy of the Perfectly Organised Tack Box 

Feeling overwhelmed when you step inside the stable?

If you’re guilty of owning loads of horse tack (who isn’t?) an unorganised stable can make life very difficult. Small stable organisational hacks can make a massive difference.

Enter: the humble tack box.

These simple yet effective storage solutions will make stable life so much easier, so you can spend more time with your horse rather than trying to find your favourite brush or hoof pick.

Here are 3 steps to creating the perfect tack box:

Step 1: Choose the right tack box for your needs.   

When shopping for a tack box, there are three key things to consider: purpose, size, and trays.

The most common purpose of a tack box is to keep all your essential tack in the one spot, making everyday chores quick and easy. Every morning or afternoon, simply grab your tack box and you are ready to start daily grooming, hoof care, etc.

Another common use of a tack box is for travel purposes. If you’re constantly on the go - attending clinic, competitions or pony club events – keeping all your tack in a handy go-to box makes for easy travel, reduces packing time, plus you won’t forget anything!

Want a multi-purpose tack box? Our popular Step-Up Tack Boxes double as a step or seat. Use as a step when grooming your horse or a seat when painting hooves.

Once you’ve established the main purpose of your tack box, it’s time to narrow down what size you need and how many trays you may require. If you have lots of bulky items, make sure your tack box has a large compartment to cater for this. If you use lots of little bits and pieces such as braid rubber bands, chalk, hoof pick, tape, etc – separate trays are ideal to keep neat and tidy.

Keep in mind, your ideal tack box might not even be a box. A bag specifically designed for equestrians is another option for on-the-go grooming, or to simple keep all your essential tack in the one spot. Check out these awesome bags with strategically placed pockets for your horse tack.

Step 2: Pack the right tack. 

What do you need in your tack box? What you regularly use in the stables may differ to what your neighbour uses. Everyone’s tack box is different. The key is finding what items will make your life easier. Grooming goods, hoof care, coat care and first aid kits are popular items to keep in a tack box. However, some other everyday items such as basic stable tools, zip ties, and even a phone charger can come in handy!

Step 3: Pack like a pro.

How you pack your tack box matters! You wouldn’t want your shampoo or conditioner leaking all through your brushes and clippers. When packing your tack box, make sure liquids are stored upright and in a tight compartment to reduce movement.

Make the most of trays and keep all your small bits and pieces neatly in place.

If you tack box or bag has outer pockets (like this one) store your most used pieces of equipment here for easy access.

For more tack box inspiration, check out our extensive range of grooming kits and storage here.

If you’re searching for new tack to pack, browse our hoof care, grooming gear, farrier products, coat care and shine, hoof polish, shampoos and conditioners, show prep, leather care and tools, and first aid kits.