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  • prepare your pet for storm season

prepare your pet for storm season

prepare your pet for storm season

Prepare Your Pet For Storm Season

Does your pet suffer from storm phobia?

Loud thunder and sudden strikes of bright lighting can trigger a distressed state for many animals. It is very common for dogs, cats, and horses to get spooked and feel anxious during a storm. This can cause them to act out, runaway, destruct the house, stable, or even harm themselves.

That’s why it’s so important to prepare your pet for when a storm strikes.

Here are three tips on how to keep your pet as calm and happy as possible throughout storm season. 

Create a safe and secure space

Most animals feel safe in an enclosed and dark space. The idea is to remove the visual stimulus of lightning, which is a key trigger for anxiety and stress.

A few ways to do this include:

- Bring your pet inside and into a dark room such as a bathroom or closet to buffer the sounds and lighting from outside.
- Invest in a pet crate or igloo-style bed to keep them as comfortable as possible.
- Use the distraction technique by proving toys, rather than trying to comfort your pet with cuddles and pats.  Fussing over your pet will only reinforce their storm phobia. Instead, ignore the behaviour and opt for a fun, playful environment.

Providing a safe and calming space for smaller pets is simple, as cats and dogs can take shelter inside your house. However, what about larger pets… such as horses?

Many horse owners will keep their horses inside the stable to protect them and reduce their sensory experiences of a storm. 

The distraction technique is also helpful for horses. A great way to distract your horse from the stress of a storm is by providing a LikIt in the stall. These provide hours of mental stimulation for your horse, as well as a tasty treat to entice and distract. 

Check out our range of LikIt Boredom Busters, Tounge Twisters, and delicious refills here. 

Keep in mind, if your horse spends most of the time outdoors, it may feel trapped inside the stall. If that is the case, make sure your paddock is stormproof and secure. Trim branches, make sure gates are shut and fences are secure and provide shelter for your horse to take cover from the rain.

Wrap your pet up in a comforting coat

Give your pet some extra comfort by wrapping them up in a coat. The constant yet gentle touch acts as a comfort blanket. It provides warmth and a sense of security for your pet during times of stress.

Check out our range of dog coats here.

For the outdoor horse, a durable rainsheet will help protect your horse by providing a barrier against harsh weather conditions. Keep your horse dry and comfortable with these strong 1200 Denier rainsheet combos.

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Try a calming supplement!

Take the edge off with a natural calming supplement. Designed to balance essential vitamins and minerals, most supplements are safe and healthy for your pet. To enhance relaxation for your dog or horse, we suggest the following:

Calming Paste - Nutritional calming supplement containing magnesium, tryptophan, B-group vitamins, and chamomile.

Crooked Lane Harvest Chamomile Flowers – An important digestive herb recognised for its calming and relaxing effect, this chamomile blend is made for nervous dogs or horses.  

Wattelane Mindfulness – This powerful formula is made from organic magnesium, potent Vitamin Bs, herbal extracts, and amino acids to help your horse or dog stay cool, calm, and collected.