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  • A Guide To Choosing The Best Horse Rug This Winter

A Guide To Choosing The Best Horse Rug This Winter

A Guide To Choosing The Best Horse Rug This Winter

A guide to choosing the best horse rug this winter 

What’s the best rug for your horse this winter? A simple question, with a not-so-simple answer.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a horse rug. Ideally, the best rug for your horse should do three key things: keep them warm, dry, and clean.

Here are three key things to consider while shopping for the best horse rug this winter.  


Winter horse rugs are filled with a polyester filling for warmth, called polyfill. It delivers insulation by trapping heat in the air pockets to keep your horse warm and cosy underneath.

The standard polyfill content for a winter horse rug in Australia ranges from 100g to 300g. The heavier the polyfill, the warmer the rug.

Most of our winter rugs include a 200g polyfill. This is a popular polyfill content for Australian winters, especially when the winter sun delivers some added warmth too.

Our warmest Kozy rug includes a 250g polyfill, ideal for those regions across Australia experiencing extra cold temperatures.


The strength and durability of a horse rug can be determined by its denier rating. This is the measurement given to determine fibre thickness. The higher the denier, the thicker and stronger the fabric. A standard horse rug will start at approximately 600 denier, going up to 1200 denier or more.

If your horse spends most its time in the paddock brushing against trees and shrubs, it may need a thicker, stronger rug to survive the daily wear and tear. Our 1200 denier ripstop rugs are a great choice.

If your horse spends most its time in the stables or in a secure, private paddock with electric fencing... the chances of the rug getting rips and tear are far less. Your horse will benefit from a thinner option, like our 600 denier rugs. 


A wet and cold horse will burn a lot of energy trying to stay warm. Keep your horse dry with a waterproof layer of protection.

Our Kozy 1200D Rainsheet Combo’s are made with a special Teflon coating to protect your horse from the rain. It also features a seamless design to avoid any leakage. 

Canvas is another popular option for its water-resistance properties. Our Horsemaster Ripstop Canvas Combo is cotton lined for warmth and breathability.