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  • All About Horse Agistment

All About Horse Agistment

All About Horse Agistment

All About Horse Agistment

Not everybody who owns a horse or pony is able to keep it at their own home. This can be for various reasons; they don't own acreage, don't have time to look after the horse on a daily basis, or it may just be they enjoy the company of like-minded riders at an agistment centre rather than always riding on their own.

Which poses the question.. how do I find the perfect Agistment Centre?

When searching for agistment, word of mouth via friends is always a good start as you will be able to find out a lot about the agistment centre (such as facilities) and feedback on the owners and fellow agistees. If you don't know anyone who agists in the area you can contact local saddleries and produce stores, search in print publications, equestrian forums or classified advertisements in local papers. Below we have provided you some things to consider when finding the best agistment for your horse and situation.

What Level of Care Do You Need?

Some agistment places will only offer full care, some will only offer DIY (Do it yourself) Care while others will offer a combination of both. Some questions to help determine what level of care you need to look for are:
    • •How often you are able to get out to see your horse?
    • •Do you want your horse rugged, or just rugged throughout the colder months?
    • •Do you want control over what diet and feed your horse gets?

Some places that offer full care will want you to supply the feeds and any supplements, others will include this is the total cost and won't offer you the option to provide your own feed. This will restrict you in your feed choices so you need to bear that in mind if you want your horse to follow a special diet or if you are happy to have someone else controlling what your horse is fed.

Shared vs Individual Paddocks

Facilities can vary greatly from property to property and some offer a basic share paddock where your horse will be in with others. In this case you will need to consider how you are going to deal with feed time, worming etc. You may also want to know a bit about the horses that yours will be in with. Other centres offer individual paddocks, stables and yards - all at various prices.

Training Facilities

Other facilities you may require and need to consider are:

      • •Access to an arena (outdoor, indoor, with lights etc)
      • •Access to a round yard
      • •Access to trail ride

Access to Amenities

      Does the agistment provide
      • •Wash bay facilities
      • •Secure tack room
      • • Feed storage
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At some agistments centres access to all the facilities is included in one flat-rate, other places charge a separate fee to use individual facilities with rates set for each facility every time you use it.

Policies and Health Care

You should also ask about the worming policy, especially if the horses are in a share paddock situation. Some agistment centres will offer additional services such as catching and holding your horse for the farrier or veterinary surgeon and it is a good idea to find out if this is available, particularly if you work long hours or are not able to regularly attend your horse during the day.

Agistment Contracts

Agistment can be problematic, especially if a dispute arises between the owner of the horse and the owner of the property. To protect everybody (and hopefully avoid problems occurring) it is wise to enter in to an Agistment Contract that is correctly drafted and written. This will allow all parties to understand their obligations, and will reduce the scope if a dispute arises.