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  • Why You Need to Wear a GPA Helmet

Why You Need to Wear a GPA Helmet

Why You Need to Wear a GPA Helmet

Why You Need to Wear a GPA Helmet

GPA helmets obtained a full certification after undergoing rigorous testing to verify the construction of the helmet would reduce the impact of injuries, accidents and reduce the risks of head trauma. GPA helmets have to pass an approval test certifying the outer shell of the helmet is distributing and absorbing the kind of impact that could happen to the inner lining of the GPA helmet.

The GPA tests run to verify their quality are so demanding that they promise a 20% extra safety score over the results recommended by the average standard score for most helmets. The outer shell has to ensure the maximum level of resistant materials and shock absorption. The visor, located in the front portion of the helmet is structured to prevent further nasal fracture in accidents.

When it comes to safety you can never be too sure, too equipped or compromise on quality. When shopping for equestrian supplies, GPA helmets should be a priority. Practicing any sport requires a level of commitment and respect for your body while being careful and doing it in a safe way. Every horse rider should wear quality head gear, and most people are aware of the perks of purchasing a GPA helmet amongst other equestrian supplies. The number one thing those who don't wear a helmet claim is ‘They're not experts and they shouldn't have to wear a helmet until they become better at horse riding’. Any professional would tell you, everybody falls and whether the horse is walking, trotting or cantering, any fall can be dangerous.

Some helmets are safer than others because of the certifications and tests conducted on their quality. You should never skim on the price and always find one that fits properly and has the relevant certifications, passing all of the testing and controls. GPA Helmets are some of the safest helmets because of their certification and testing processes. It is too late once you find yourself in a dangerous situation and realize the difference between a helmet that was designed to withstand accidents and injury. The first thing you need to purchase when you're a novice rider is a GPA helmet. They will save your life and protect the one thing on your body you can't replace or fix.

Injuries to the head may be mild or severe, and none of them should be taken lightly. A concussion could occur when your brain is shaken and this may lead to unconsciousness, headache, blindness and permanent damage. Many victims have ended up getting surgery due to a blood clot forming after falling and sustaining a concussion.

GPA offers a selection of helmets to suit all disciplines such as Showjumping, Eventing, Dressage, Pony Club, Endurance Riding, Campdrafting, and Horse Racing.  Their Jock Up Helmets are one of the safest helmets available for Jockeys and Eventing Riders, with the Jock Up Helmet No. 1's being completed hand made.

Ask yourself: “Is my health and brain worth risking when horse riding?” If you answered ‘No’ to the above question you could forever find protection in a GPA helmet designed to prevent such accidents and injuries.