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  • Keeping Warm While Horse Riding this Winter

Keeping Warm While Horse Riding this Winter

Beat the Winter Chill - Keeping Warm While Horse Riding this Winter

Protect your clothing and accessories

Keep your waxed clothing and accessories in tip top condition this winter with a good quality
re-proofing spray. The Horsemaster Oil Skin spray contains an environmentally-friendly insect deterrent, and will boost water repellency - keeping you ride-ready in all weathers. To cover up while out on a ride, opt for an oilskin riding coat to cover you from top to bottom. The more comfortable and protected you are, the better your ride will be.   Huntington Equestrian Equipment has a range of On Trend Casual Winter Riding Apparel, including Jackets and Vests.

It goes without saying that if your hands are cold, you will be cold.   At Greg Grant Saddlery we have a large range of winter riding gloves suitable for all climates in Australia.  The Heritage Ragg Wool glove is made from a premium blend of thick natural ragg wool and nylon, and has 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep you toasty warm.  If you are after a traditional leather riding glove, our Heritage Cold Weather Gloves and Heritage Extreme Weather Gloves are designed to keep you warm and comfortable on cold riding days.  Another winter option in our Glove Range is the Heritage Summit Winter Gloves which are lightweight, durable and reinforced with a tackified palm to give you security and confidence when riding in the cold. 

The importance of keeping your horse warm

While it’s chilly for you as a rider, your horse needs to be kept warm, too.   If your horse is not kept warm and dry, you will need to feed additional rations in to avoid your horse losing condition in the colder months.  At Greg Grant Saddlery we have a large range of winter rugs made from various Deniers and fill to suit any climate.  The Denier of the rug describes the density of the outer fabric the rug is made from – the higher the Denier the stronger the rug, however the higher Deniers are also less breathable.  Our range includes top brands such as Kozy, GG Australia, Huntington Club, Thermo Master, Horsemaster, Bambino and Piccolo for the smaller ponies.  Some rugs come without fill and are suitable as rain sheets for those warmer rainy days.  Our Kozy 600D and 1200D Lite Rain Sheets are perfect for those days, or for horses living in warmer winter climates.   A Rug Bib or Shoulder Guard will protect against shoulder rubbing and those with extra length cover your horse’s foreleg for added protection.  The Lycra Wonder Coat comes in a variety of colours and will provide a comfortable compression fit, perfect for keeping your horse’s mane in top shape during those wintery days.

A Quarter Sheet such as the one below from Huntington Equestrian Equipment is perfect for keeping your horse's back and loins warm during exercise.

Tips for riding in winter

Keep your horse happy during winter by taking time for careful consideration before getting stuck into your ride prep. Before placing the bit in your horse’s mouth, warm it up a little so it’s not ice cold, and when offering water post-ride, opt for a tepid temperature.

Be aware that your horse’s fitness level may be compromised in colder temperatures, so keep an eye out while riding for signs of fatigue or pain. When you’ve finished riding, your horse might have broken a sweat on their back, so it’s important to manage cooling to ensure it’s not going to cause a chill. A gentle walk can slow the cooling process which will take longer in winter, particularly if your horse has a long winter coat.   Put a lighter rug such as our Horsemaster Wool Rug on your horse while the sweat dries and his body temperature cools, before replacing with a warm rug or combo once dry.

The team at Greg Grant Saddlery want you to have a safe and enjoyable few months of winter rides, so please take care and look after both yourself and your horse in the chilly Australian winter.