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How to Correctly Fit a Bridle

It is important to ensure your bridle fits your horse correctly for your own safety and the comfort of your horse.

The bridle needs to be the correct size and adjusted so that the cheek pieces are tight enough that the bit is held up in the horse’s mouth just enough without wrinkling the horse’s lips.

If the cheek straps are too long the bit will sit too low in the horse’s mouth and bang on his teeth.  To avoid this, your horse will most likely hold the bit up in the corners of his mouth where it is comfortable.  This can then cause problems by dropping down and bruising his gums which isn’t nice.

The browband should be long enough that it doesn’t pull the bridle against the back of your horse’s ears.  Some horses are very sensitive around the ear and poll area, and ear relief type bridles are now available to provide extra comfort for your horse.

It is very important that the throat lash is not done up too tightly as the tension on his throat will increase as your horse flexes at the poll.  If it is too tight, it will restrict your horse’s movement and his ability to expand his throat when working.  If the throat lash is too loose it won’t be able to achieve its purpose of preventing the bridle slipping over the horse’s head under pressure.

It is important to be sure you never tie your horse up with the bridle.  If your horse pulls back when tied up with a bridle he could injure his mouth severely, creating even further panic.

If you are using a running martingale while riding, you need to ensure your reins have martingale stops on them to prevent the buckles on the reins becoming caught in the martingale rings.  These are a cheap item and very important for your safety.