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How to Tie a Hunting Stock

We have been asked many times how to tie a hunting stock.  
It’s not something that is common knowledge as a lot of stocks are sold pre-tied.

There is nothing quite like the smart appearance of a freshly tied hunting stock so we have included instructions below to help you.
  The normal stock has a buttonhole in the front with a slot in the band.
  Pass the collar part round the neck from the front to back and fasten the front buttonhole to the shirt stud at front. Push the opposite end through the stock slot to bring both ends on to the chest.
  Make a single right-over-left knot pulling the knot close into the neck so that one end will be over the right shoulder and the other on the chest. With a safety pin, secure the knot to avoid movement.
  Place the end on the chest over the left shoulder folding it upwards and over.
  Then bring down the other end over and through the fold at the right.
  Now pull the ends upwards.
  Manipulate both sides of the stock so that the head of the second knot shows at the base of the triangle formed and secure with a stock pin through both ends of the stock and on to the shirt.
  The tie illustrated here is an alternative. To achieve this effect, pull the ends tighter than indicated in Diagram 6, then fold down over the knot and smooth the stock out.