your saddle fitter experts

At Greg Grant Saddlery,

We offer our mobile saddle fitting service to ensure both horse and rider have the best opportunity and experience whilst choosing their next saddle.

With our vast saddlery and accessory options available on hand, we come to you with everything you could need in one visit. Whether you are wanting your current saddle fitted or looking into a new saddle – Greg Grant Saddlery Mobile Saddle Fitting can help.


Buying a saddle doesn’t have to be a stressful and scary task, here at Greg Grant Saddlery, we promise to give you a confident peace of mind into selecting the perfect saddle for yourself and your horse with training provided with over 40 years experience – we have got you and your horses best intentions covered.

With over 50 years of experience in saddlery, we pride ourselves into offering a various range of saddles and tack to suit any need and want in almost every discipline. We want to offer you and your horse a kind, knowledgeable hand presenting you with a no fuss solution into buying a saddle, including:

  • Saddle selection
  • Advice on saddle pads, girths adjustments and accessories
  • Try before you buy
  • Ongoing friendly after sales care
  • On site gulett and panel adjustment

Why is Saddle fitting so important?

A correctly fitting saddle is essential and extremely important to the wellbeing and ride of both horse and rider. Saddle fitting is a big cause of ‘problematic’ behaviors in horses, so we are passionate in looking into reducing or fully eliminating any issues caused by an incorrect fit. There are 3 important factors when fitting a saddle.

1. Gullet Width
2. Even distribution across panels
3. Balance of the rider

A flocked saddle are is great option for dressage saddles– this allows a fully tailored fit to your horse with the availability to continuously change shape, just as your horse does. Our jump saddles come both flocked and foam panels. Our western and fender saddles come with a fleece, sheepskin or felt lining – all of which are shock absorbing.

Let's talk accessories

There are more saddle pads on the market than we can poke a whip at. Saddle pads and girths play an important part in a correctly fitting saddle. With the different shapes of every individual horse - it is important to look after what is between your horse and the saddle. Sheepskin, memory foam, gel and air-cel saddle pads are all shock absorbing which increase comfort whilst riding for your horse. Reducing shock is and any pressure are key components to any riding – did you know… As riders, we ride at 1 ½ - 3 times our body weight which blocks blood supply to the horses back by around 60 – 80%. This is where a correctly fitted saddle, comfort pad and a balanced rider is crucial to horse riding. Whether you’re in the ring or out bush – we have the accessories to support your experience in the saddle.

Meet Brittany, our Saddle Fitter.

My name is Brittany, and I'm Greg Grant Saddlery’s saddle fitter. I have worked within the company for 14 years so as you could imagine, I am pretty passionate when it comes to anything saddlery!

I was lucky enough to grow up with horses, starting riding from age 6. Starting in a local riding school, I learnt the ropes of caring, riding and loving horses.

When I was 13yo when I got my first horse, who took me through every stage a horse mad girl could go through. From Pony club, trail rides, competitions and just sitting in the paddock for hours on end soaking up all the time with my horse I was lucky enough to have.

I have owned many horses, different breeds, shapes and sizes. But my heart horse is my 23yo Pinto Waler named Tubby. I currently have 5 handsome geldings, 2 retiree's and 3 ridden. Now, I enjoy the quiet life with my boys with the occasional Stockman Challenge, AG show, trail ride and just hanging out with them all.

I’m excited to meet you and your beautiful horses and help out wherever I can.