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Welcome to Greg Grant Saddlery's mobile saddle fitting service – your gateway to an exceptional saddle selection experience for you and your horse.

About Our Mobile Saddle Fitting Service

Why is saddle fitting so important?

Saddle fitting plays a pivotal role in the comfort and performance of both rider and horse. Having a well-fitted saddle allows for a better experience and helps to prevent and avoid any long-term saddle related problems. We're dedicated to finding the right fit for your horse by looking at:

  1. Gullet width
  2. Even distribution across panels
  3. Your balance as a rider

Did you know riders put 1½ to 3 times their body weight on a horse's back, blocking blood supply by 60-80%? A balanced rider, proper saddle fit, and comfort pad are essential for a rewarding riding experience.

During your appointment we will explore options depending on your specific needs. Our range of saddles are well designed for both horse and rider comfort.  Our dressage saddles offer flocked panels that adapt to your horse's shape, our jump saddles are available with both flocked and foam panels, while our range of western and fender saddles come with fleece, sheepskin, or felt lining, providing shock-absorbing benefits.

Book a consult today, and we will come to you to ensure you find the right saddle to properly fit you and your horse.

Our saddle fitter comes to you - South-East Queensland

Explore our mobile saddle fitting service, catering to an extensive region, including the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and inland to Toowoomba. Our services also covers Brisbane and surrounding areas.

This extensive coverage ensures that horse enthusiasts across this region have easy access to our saddle-fitting expertise and an exceptional selection of saddlery and accessories.

No matter where you're located within our service area, we're committed to bringing the ultimate saddle-fitting experience to your doorstep.

Outside of SEQ? Don't worry, we can travel further. Enquire now, and we will be in touch about when our saddle fitter could visit your area.

How our service works

Explore a world of options and try before you buy! Want to have the Greg Grant Saddlery saddle fitter come to you? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Book your phone consult with our saddle fitter.
  2. Our saddle fitter will be in touch by phone to work through your saddle fitting needs, and find out more about you and your horse. We will schedule a time to get your saddle fitted.
  3. On the day: Our experienced saddle fitter will arrive with a tailored-to-you selection of saddlery and accessories for the fitting consult.

The Greg Grant Saddlery mobile saddle fitting is your ultimate one-stop solution, we're committed to find the right fit for you and your horse and explore new saddle possibilities across our range.

Add on accessories

During your saddle fit consult, we will have a selection of accessories for your specific horse and saddle needs.

Selecting the right saddle accessories is crucial for a well-fitting saddle. Different horse shapes require specific attention between horse and saddle.

Options like sheepskin, memory foam, gel, and air-cell saddle pads, are designed to enhance your horse's comfort and have added benefits of reducing shock and pressure on your horse's back.

Our prices

Saddle Fitting Pricing
Minimum $150 consult up to 2 hours (flat rate) for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and surrounds.

We accept: Card payment (Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard) or Afterpay on the day of your consult.

Any further purchases of saddles or accessories made on the day are additional costs.

Outside of service area? Price on Application for additional travel.

Please note: As a guide a 2 hour fitting serves 1-horse, 1-rider, additional horses or riders might take longer and prices may be adjusted accordingly.


Cancellation policy: We require 1 business day for all saddle fitting cancellations. Need to cancel? Reach out to our saddle fitter, contact details can be found on your booking form.

What forms of payments do we accept? We accept: Card payment (Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard) and Afterpay (subject to your account limit) on the day of your consult.

Disclaimer / other stuff you need to know:
Before booking your saddle fitting you will need to ensure:
- The rider must be present and able to ride
- Your horse must be sound and un-injured
- Your horse should be clean and groomed

We will need...
- A safe, flat hard surface for the horse to stand balanced on for the fitting
- A suitable saddle pad of your choice to match the type of saddle
- A helmet that meets current safety standards
- A suitable area to ride safely in during your fitting

Have questions after your fit? Reach out to customer service at or call us on 1800 777 714.

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