Horses are intelligent, curious beings that thrive on mental stimulation and engagement. Beyond their physical needs, mental stimulation is an essential component of a horse's overall well-being. At Greg Grant Saddlery, we understand the importance of keeping your equine companion mentally active and engaged. Here's why mental stimulation matters: 

A Healthy Mind Equals a Healthy Horse 
Mental stimulation is more than just keeping a horse occupied; it is a cornerstone of their overall health. An engaged mind reduces stress and boredom, leading to a more content and emotionally balanced horse. 

Curbing Undesirable Behaviours 
Boredom can lead to undesirable behaviours in horses, such as cribbing or weaving. Providing mental challenges and engagement helps alleviate boredom and prevents the development of these behaviours. 

Encouraging Learning and Problem-Solving 
Horses, like humans, benefit from learning and problem-solving activities. Mental stimulation through interactive toys, puzzles, and challenges helps enhance their cognitive abilities and keeps their minds sharp. 

Embracing Their Innate Curiosity 
Horses are naturally curious animals. Mental stimulation allows them to explore, interact, and satisfy their innate curiosity, promoting a more enriching and fulfilling life. 

Reducing Stress and Anxiety  
An engaged mind reduces stress and anxiety in horses. Mental stimulation provides an outlet for pent-up energy, promoting a calmer and more relaxed demeanour. 

Embracing Mental Stimulation with Equine Toys 
To cater to your horse's mental needs, consider incorporating equine toys and puzzles into their routine. Items like treat-dispensing balls, interactive feeders, and durable play objects offer mental challenges while entertaining your equine friend. 

Here are our top picks for equine stimulation toys that will keep your horse engaged, curious, and entertained: 

  • Jolly Mega Horse Ball Cover Set 

    The Jolly Mega Horse Ball Cover Set offers versatility. Cover your existing Jolly Mega Ball with these colourful, durable covers, creating an engaging, eye-catching toy that will delight your horse. 

  • Horsemaster Slow Feed Ball 

    The Horsemaster Slow Feed Ball is perfect for slowing down your horse's eating pace. This multifunctional ball offers mental stimulation by dispensing feed or treats at a controlled rate, challenging your horse's problem-solving skills. 

  • 10" Jolly Ball  

    The Jolly Ball is a classic equine toy. Its durable design makes it suitable for playtime in the field or stable. Perfect for pushing, rolling, and tossing around, this ball keeps horses mentally engaged and physically active. 

  • Horsemaster Rubber Feed Ball 

    The Horsemaster Rubber Feed Ball is a fantastic toy designed to make feeding more engaging. Fill it with your horse's favourite treats or feed and watch as they roll and play to access their reward. 

  • Horse Sense Suede Stall Horse Ball 

    Constructed from durable materials, the Horse Sense Suede Stall Horse Ball is an excellent choice to alleviate boredom. Its design encourages movement and interaction, providing hours of mental engagement. 


At Greg Grant Saddlery, we offer a wide range of stimulating toys and products designed to engage and entertain your horse. Our collection aims to foster mental stimulation, ensuring that your equine companion leads a fulfilling and mentally enriched life. Invest in your horse’s mental well-being with Greg Grant Saddlery, because a mentally stimulated horse is a happy, healthy, and thriving companion.