With the Pony Club Queensland States in Show Jumping & Equitation approaching, the excitement within the equestrian community is palpable. This highly anticipated event not only showcases the talent and skill of riders but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and unity among participants. As riders from across Australia prepare to demonstrate their horsemanship abilities, the anticipation for an exhilarating competition is evident.

Show Jumping and Equitation, characterised by a blend of athleticism and finesse, captivates riders worldwide with its thrilling challenges and awe-inspiring displays of horsemanship. Pony Club Queensland stands as a beacon for equestrian enthusiasts, providing a platform for riders to immerse themselves in the captivating realm of show jumping and equitation. It’s a discipline that demands precision, grace, and speed, emphasising the harmonious partnership between horse and rider, where communication and trust are paramount.

In the lead-up to the PCQ states, riders dedicate countless hours to training and preparation. From refining their jumping technique to perfecting their equitation skills, participants and their families invest significant effort to ensure they’re ready to perform at their peak. It’s a testament to their dedication and passion for the sport, as they strive for excellence both in and out of the arena.

Yet, Pony Club Queensland represents more than just a competition. It’s a celebration of the bonds that unite members of the equestrian community – a chance to come together, share their love and passion for horses, and support one another as they pursue their equestrian dreams. It’s an environment where riders not only compete but also grow and learn from one another, fostering lifelong friendships and memories.

As the PCQ State Show Jumping & Equitation draws nearer, Greg Grant Saddlery takes great pride in its role as a sponsor for Pony Club Queensland. Our support of PCQ aligns seamlessly with our core values, promoting excellence and camaraderie within the equestrian community. We are honoured to stand alongside Pony Club Queensland in their mission to inspire and empower riders, and we eagerly anticipate the excitement and achievements that await at the upcoming competition.

April 05, 2024 — Greg Grant Saddlery