In the world of equine care, ensuring the health and comfort of our four-legged friends is key. One method gaining popularity among horse owners is magnetic therapy. From massage combs to specialised rugs and boots, magnetic therapy offers a holistic approach to promoting circulation, alleviating discomfort, and supporting overall vitality in horses. Whether you’re looking to enhance post-exercise recovery, address specific joint discomfort, or optimise your horse’s performance, magnetic therapy presents a promising avenue worth exploring.  


  • A Soothing Massage and Circulation Boost 

    Indulge your horse in a rejuvenating massage experience with magnetic massage combs. These specialised tools not only provide relaxation but may also contribute to improved circulation, fostering muscle recovery and supporting your horse's overall vitality. 

  • Total Magnetic Coverage: Magnetic Therapy Rug 

    Elevate your horse's overall health with magnetic therapy rugs. Crafted to offer thorough coverage, these innovative rugs strategically integrate magnetic technology. They work to enhance circulation, alleviate inflammation, and address stiffness, providing a comprehensive approach to maintaining optimal health. 

  • Support Comfort During Activities: Magnetic Sports Boots 

    Prioritise your horse's comfort and performance with magnetic sports boots. These boots, infused with magnetic elements, seek to promote circulation and reduce the risk of stiffness or discomfort, supporting your horse during physical activities and aiding in post-exertion recovery. 

  • Hoof Protection and Wellness: Magnetic Bell Boots 

    Guard your horse's hooves and promote overall hoof health with magnetic bell boots. Offering protection against injuries and incorporating magnetic therapy, these boots play a dual role in ensuring the well-being, making them an essential addition to your horse's gear. 

  • Stability and Care for Intensive Activities: Magnetic Skid Boots 

    For horses engaged in high-intensity activities, magnetic skid boots provide essential protection. Combining skid resistance with magnetic therapy, these boots aim to maintain overall leg health, offering stability and support during strenuous endeavours. 

  • Targeted Hock Support: Magnetic Hock Wraps 

    Address discomfort in the hock joint with magnetic hock wraps. Tailored for targeted support, these wraps may help ease hock-related issues through magnetic therapy, contributing to your horse's overall comfort and well-being. 

  • Support for Lower Limbs: Magnetic Fetlock Wraps 

    Provide extra support to your horse's lower limbs with magnetic fetlock wraps. Infused with magnetic technology, these wraps aim to contribute to the well-being of your horse's fetlocks, supporting their health and resilience in daily activities. Recognising the critical role of lower limbs in your horse's mobility, these wraps provide targeted support to maintain their health and resilience. 


By incorporating magnetic therapy into your horse's post-workout routine, you're not only investing in their physical well-being but also potentially aiding in the recovery of specific areas. The application of magnetic technology seeks to contribute to the overall health and resilience of your horse's limbs, supporting their mobility and potentially minimising discomfort after exertion. As you explore the world of magnetic therapy, consider how it can play a vital role in enhancing your horse's post-exercise recovery, contributing to their overall vitality and performance.