In celebration of Scottish show jumper, Scott Brash's 2015 Rolex Grand Slam win, Veredus have created the Grand Slam Carbon Gold Edition horse boots! Achieving a Grand Slam is no easy feat, and in order to win a rider has to take out three events including CHIO Aachen, CSIO Spruce meadows, and CHI Geneva. This achievement was an extremely unprecedented event, with Scott Brash becoming the first Grand Slam winner in history. It is for this very reason that Veredus decided to create the Grand Slam Carbon Gel Vento Gold Edition in recognition of his historic win.

Veredus are renowned for their high-tech features and innovative designs, and the new Grand Slam Carbon Gold Edition horse boots definitely represent these qualities. Featuring all the protection and ventilation loved by riders, this new celebratory style is the definition of ultimate comfort and protection for your horse.

A major risk to your horse, more so than impact, is the effect of heat building up on your horse’s legs - The Veredus VENTO technology release heat through the double ventilation system. With gold ventilation, the bottom vents help to draw in the cool air and the top vents release all the heat. The inner layer which is what has direct contact with your horses’ leg, is made from a two-way stretch fabric for ultimate comfort. The middle layer is AEROX micro perforated neoprene, deigned to enable the removal of the heat. The outer layer is made from special 3D mesh ducted fabric, designed specifically to help the upward removal of heat.

Heat released from your horse’s leg passes through the inner layer and AEROX layer, and is then distributed through the 3D mesh ducted fabric. As an outcome of your horse’s movement, cool air enters through the air inlet and pushes out the heat gathered in the ducted fabric, upwards to the outlet. This process makes ventilation horizontal from the inside outwards, and vertical from the bottom upwards – an innovative technology that has never been tried before.

Extra Innovative Features Include

  • The first cannon bone protector that ensures double ventilation for the comfort of your horse.
  • Tendon protection in carbon +
  • A quick-release, adjustable closure system with elastic straps, allows for fast and easy hooking and release without compromising security.
  • Anatomically-shaped shell that is composed of semi-rigid polyurethane with the rear “x” strike plate of carbon fibre that assists with providing extreme durability and protection after repeated strikes.
  • The strike plate also features a gel lining for the ultimate shock protection at the flexor tendon and fetlock, areas that can be particularly at risk of injury and bruising.
  • Beautifully crafted in Italy.
  • High-tech features and innovation enhanced by gold.

Olympic champion, Marcus Ehning, reveals that he admires the technology and care Veredus put into designing this amazing jumping protection and appreciates the unprecedented well-being it gives his horse. The Grand Slam Carbon Gold Edition horse boots are sold in pairs. Matching hind boots are also available.

    March 10, 2022 — Greg Grant Saddlery