Spring has finally arrived here in Australia, and it’s already starting to warm up with some days giving us a hint of Summer already. With that said, while the warmer weather is great for days out riding, it’s important to keep ourselves sun safe and protect ourselves from burning to a crisp! For this reason, I would like to talk about one of the newest and revolutionary designs form GPA, The Little Lady Horse riding helmet.

As the little sister to GPA’s First Lady helmet, the GPA Little Lady riding helmet is designed especially for ladies and offers the best sun protection with its uniquely designed large visor.

It has similar technical aspects and the same comfort as GPA’s First Lady helmet, however is much more affordable. Features include the new 2X harness for a better fit and ultimate comfort, an inside removable foam lining which is breathable and also convenient for cleaning, polycarbonate front vents for optimal ventilation, and CoolMax technology which helps to keep you cool under the hot heat.

More Great Features!

    • A design inspired by feminine hats and dedicated to women rider’s satisfaction.
    • Light-weight, highly vented helmet.
    • A design that looks great on everyone and most importantly feels super comfortable!
    • Made from GPA’s soft-touch outer shell to reduce scratches, repels dirt and grime, and reflect the sun’s rays!
    • The inner lining includes built-in antimicrobial protection and prevents against odour, stains and mould.
    • The inner lining also helps to wick away moisture, and is machine washable.
    • CoolMax technology allows moisture to be actively wicked away from the skin to encourage a dry, cool feel.

Certification Standards

It’s important to note that the GPA First Lady is ASTM F1163-15 SEI Certified which complies with Equestrian Australia and Pony Club Australia Safety Standards introduced in January 2017. The ASTM Certification is marked SEI and is stitched in to the lining of the helmet.

What You Need to Know About GPA

As a French company, GPA prides themselves on their commitment to producing quality horse riding helmets. Drawing on their expertise in the car racing industry, the brand is the world's first European manufacturer to introduce approved riding helmets, and have built a reputation for only using high-performance materials that combine both safety and comfort.

Prior to new helmet models appearing on the market, each prototype is tested in real-life riding situations by many of the equestrian world’s elite riders, therefore giving consumers the guarantee of satisfaction and reliability. In fact, because GPA have met the safety standards so perfectly, GPA horse riding helmets are used by many demanding authorities including the French army and police, and the English, Norwegian and Italian police forces.

There is doubt that GPA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of horse riding safety helmets and in our harsh Australian climate, this helmet is a must have for any equestrian enthusiast!

March 10, 2022 — Greg Grant Saddlery