1. Lead Rope
As you head for the high country, you might find your horse baulks at crossing a creek or gets spooked on a leafy, narrow trail. If you need to lead your horse through, make sure you've packed this classic two-metre rope and leather lead.


2. Insulated Saddle Bag
Pack lunch, trail mix and something cool to drink in an insulated saddle bag. This one is large, padded and even has a removable plastic liner for holding ice: Insulated Double Saddle Bag.


3. First-Aid Kit for Horse + Rider
When you are heading off cross-country, it's essential to pack some key first-aid items for yourself and your equine friend. We love the Effol First-Aid Kit, with must-haves such as ice packs, gauze and horse balm.


4. Hoof Pick 
Always carry a hoof pick  you'll need it if your horse collects a stone in their hoof along the trail. This Greg Grant folding pick is a compact one for trail rides. 


5. Insect Repellant
Give your clothing and any exposed skin a good spritz of bug spray before you head out. Make sure your horse is well protected too with this excellent horse-friendly formula with a light citronella scent, Absorbine Ultrashield.


6. Protective Clothing
While you may set out in the sunshine, who knows when a refreshing rainstorm might emerge? We love this oilskin bomber jacket for its soft-cotton lining, protection against the elements, big pockets and a back-split seam for riding freedom: Greg Grant Oilskin Bomber. Why not protect your hands on a long ride with these butter-soft deerskin trail-riding Heritage Trail Gloves? A body protector will protect you if you fall. We recommend the USG FlexiMotion Body Protector as it moulds to your body and is shock absorbing. 

7. Tool time
Pack a good, sharp knife gadget — useful for first aid, fire building if necessary and even food prep. We love: Taylor's Eye Witness Three Blade Stock Knife. For emergency tack, take along some baling twine too. 


8. The right bridle
Get extra leverage with a double-rein bit and increase your horse's comfort on the trail with a Pelham bit. If your horse gets flighty and a little stronger in the great unknown, the Pelham is a seasoned choice  it's a leverage bit, so gives more stopping power to the rider.


9. Helmet that calls emergency if you fall!

Wear the latest in technology to protect your precious head. The German-engineered Uvex Elexxion Tocsen Riding Helmet is a must-have, new-generation helmet for adventurous riders. For solo riders, add in the crash sensor, which calls emergency and gives your location in the event of a fall.


10. Riding Buddy
Remember, your best companion on a trail ride is a riding buddy. It's more fun and much safer. Enjoy the ride!


August 12, 2022 — Greg Grant Saddlery


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