When the temperatures start to rise, horse owners know that it’s time to start taking special precautions to keep their horses safe and healthy in the heat. Here at Greg Grant Saddlery, we want to make sure that all our customers are informed about how to care for their horses in the summer months. 

Hydration is key! 

Proper hydration is fundamental to your horse’s health during hot water. A product that you can reply on to encourage your horse to drink more water is Himalayan Rock Salt. These natural mineral salt licks provide essential electrolytes and minerals, making then an enticing and healthy option for keeping your horse hydrated.  

Watering Solutions 

To further promote hydration, consider investing in a reliable and convenient water source like the Stockmaster Stainless Steel Automatic Waterer. This self-filling waterer ensures your horse always has access to fresh water, reducing the risk of dehydration during the heat.  

Shade and Shelter 

Providing your horse with adequate shade and shelter is paramount during hot weather. Natural shade provided by trees or man-made structures, like run-in sheds or stables, can be lifesavers for your horse. However it is important to ensure that the chosen area is safe and free from potential hazards, such as toxic plants or uneven ground. 

Protecting Sensitive Areas 

Horses with pink noses or white markings are particularly susceptible to sunburn during the Summer. The NRG Noze Cream is a valuable product for protecting your horse’s sensitive areas. The NRG Noze Cream acts as a barrier cream, shielding against the harsh sun rays and preventing painful burns.   

Exercise Timing  

Exercising your horse in the heat can be challenging, so it’s essential to choose the right timing for your sessions. Avoid riding or training during the hottest part of the day when the sun is at its peak. Instead, plan your activities for early mornings or late afternoons when the temperatures are lowed, and the sun’s intensity has diminished. Not only will this protect your horse from overheating and exhaustion, but it will also make your sessions more enjoyable, as horses tend to be more willing and responsive when they’re not struggling with the heat.  

Cooling Summer Horse Rugs 

Horses can benefits from lightweight, breathable rugs designed specifically for hot summer weather. Summer horse rugs available at Greg Grant Saddlery are perfect for shielding your horse from the sun while allowing proper airflow. These rugs offer maximum protection without overheating your horse.  

Fly Masks for Eye Protection 

In addition to sunburn, your horse’s eyes need protection from flies and harsh sunlight. Fly masks are a great way to keep your horse comfortable and safe. They not only shield your horse’s eyes from irritating flies but also provide essential UV protection to maintain eye health all year round. 

Regular Grooming  

Frequent grooming not only keeps your horse clean but also helps with heat dissipation Brushing your horse removes excess hair and promotes better air circulation. 


In the scorching heat of summer, your horse’s well-being is paramount. By incorporating essential products from Greg Grant Saddlery, like the Himalayan Rock Salt, the Stockmaster Stainless Steel Automatic Waterer, NRG Noze Cream, Summer Horse Rugs, and Fly Masks, you’re taking a significant step towards ensuring your equine companion is in top comfort and health. 

But the care for your horse doesn’t stop at products alone! It extends to your everyday practices. Timing exercise sessions to cooler parts of the day, diligently monitoring for signs of heat stress, and maintaining regular grooming and hoof care are equally as crucial in keeping your horse cool and content during the heatwave.  

Remember, a content horse is a joy to be around! By implementing both the right products and the right practices, you’ll not only protect your four-legged friend from the harsh sun but also enjoy a worry-free and delightful summer together.  

Stay cool and make the most out of the season with your best friend!  

January 19, 2024 — Greg Grant Saddlery