At Greg Grant Saddlery, we recognize that leather boots and tack are more than just riding essentials – they are timeless symbols of the equestrian spirit. As you saddle up for the next adventure, envision the gleam of well-maintained leather boots and the dignified allure of meticulously cared-for tack. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the secret to preserving the sophistication of your equestrian gear through our top-tier leather care products: Leather Conditioner, Leather Soap, Leather Oil, and Leather Dressing. Discover the art of keeping your boots and tack not just functional but perpetually elegant. 


  • Leather Conditioner: Reviving the Glory of Boots and Tack 

    Picture your favourite pair of leather riding boots. Now imagine them gleaming with a renewed vitality, the result of our Leather Conditioner's enriching emollients. Not only does it restore suppleness, but it also breathes new life into tack, turning every piece into a statement of elegance. Unlike ordinary leather conditioners, the Ariat Distressed Leather Conditioner is specifically crafted for distressed leather boots and tailored to maintain and enhance the unique qualities of these distinct leathers. 
  • Leather Soap: A Spa Day for Boots and Tack 

    Your leather gear deserves a spa day, and our Leather Soap is the indulgence it craves. As you cleanse away the day's adventures, envision your tack and boots luxuriating in a gentle bath, emerging fresh and ready for the next ride, exuding sophistication. 
  • Leather Oil: Preserving Youthful Vigour 

    Like a fountain of youth for leather, our Leather Oil is the key to preserving the vigor of your cherished boots and tack. As it penetrates deeply, it replenishes lost oils, ensuring that your gear remains resilient and exudes the timeless charm of well-maintained equestrian essentials. 
  • Leather Dressing: The Final Flourish for Boots and Tack 

    Completing the ensemble, our Leather Dressing adds the finishing touch to your boots and tack. This wax-based formula not only protects against the elements but also imparts a lasting brilliance, making every ride an exhibition of unparalleled elegance.


How to Unleash the Magic: A Step-by-Step Guide  

  1. Cleanse: Begin the ritual with a thorough cleaning using our Leather Soap, offering your boots and tack a refreshing spa-like experience. 

  2. Condition: Massage the Leather Conditioner generously into your boots, allowing them to soak in the richness and regain their supple allure. 

  3. Nourish: Introduce the Leather Oil to your routine, focusing on areas that need extra care. Watch as your boots and tack drink in the nourishment, preserving their youthful vigour. 

  4. Protect: The final touch – apply the Leather Dressing, buffing it to a subtle shine. Your boots and tack are now not only protected but elevated to the pinnacle of equestrian elegance. 

With the Greg Grant Saddlery Ultimate Leather Care regimen, your boots and tack become more than just riding companions; they become a testament to the enduring elegance of the equestrian lifestyle. Elevate every ride with impeccably maintained leather essentials, because when it comes to your gear, nothing but the best will suffice.