As an equestrian, your gear is your lifeline, the bridge between you and your equine companion. It’s not just about functionality; it's about safety, communication, and comfort for both you and your horse.

At Greg Grant Saddlery, we understand the paramount importance of regular gear checks to ensure a smooth and secure riding experience. 


Safety First: A Gear Check Imperative 

Before every ride, conducting a thorough gear check is non-negotiable. Start by examining your riding helmet; it’s your most crucial piece of safety gear. Ensure it fits snugly, free from any cracks or damage, and meets safety standards. Your riding boots are next in line; check for proper heel and ankle support, ensuring they are free from any signs of wear or tear. 

Tack Inspection: The Key to Clear Communication 

Your tack forms the crucial link between you and your horse. Begin with your saddle; check for proper fit, making sure it’s free from any loose stitching or signs of damage that might cause discomfort. Move on to bridles, bits, and reins, ensuring they are clean, well-fitted, and free from any signs of wear. Quality tack not only aids in communication but also contributes to your horse's overall comfort and willingness to work with you. 

Attention to Detail: Small Components, Big Impact 

While major gear items are crucial, attention to detail in smaller components is equally vital. Girths, stirrup leathers, and fastenings demand inspection for any signs of wear or weakness. A small issue in these components could lead to safety hazards during your ride. Ensure they are clean, in good working condition, and free from any fraying or damage. 

Regular Maintenance: A Preventive Measure  

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your gear are fundamental to its longevity and functionality. Clean tack not only looks better but also prevents premature wear and tear. Remove dirt and sweat residue from your gear after every ride, using appropriate cleaning products suitable for the material. Conditioning leather items periodically helps retain their suppleness and strength. 

Trial Runs and Adjustments: Practice Makes Perfect 

Before hitting the trail or arena, conduct trial runs with your gear. Practice in your riding attire, ensuring comfort, mobility, and adherence to safety standards. Test your tack during training sessions, making any necessary adjustments to ensure both you and your horse are comfortable and confident with the equipment. 


In the equestrian world, a thorough gear check isn't just a routine; it's a commitment to safety, communication, and a smooth riding experience. At Greg Grant Saddlery, we prioritise the role of well-maintained and quality gear in fostering a secure and enjoyable riding journey. By conducting regular gear checks and investing in top-notch equipment, you’re not just safeguarding your riding experience, but also nurturing a safer and more harmonious partnership with your equine companion.