At Greg Grant Saddlery, we understand how important it is to keep your hat looking as good as new. After all, a hat is more than just a fashion statement – it’s an expression of your personality and style.

That’s why we’ve put together an extensive range of hat care products to help keep your headwear looking its best for years to come. 


  • B.K. Smith Felt Hat Care Kit: A Complete Solution 

    Your felt cowboy hat, with its classic elegance, demands special attention. Our B.K. Smith Felt Hat Care Kit is a comprehensive solution to maintain its quality. This kit includes a cleaning sponge, hat stiffener, and a cleaning spray. The cleaning sponge efficiently removes dust and light stains, while the hat stiffener ensures your hat retains its shape and integrity. 

  • Spot Remover for Hats: Tackling Stubborn Stains 

    Stubborn stains can diminish the charm of your hat. Our Spot Remover for Hats offers a powerful yet gentle solution. Apply a small amount to the affected area, gently rubbing it in with a clean cloth. This targeted treatment effectively removes tough stains without compromising the hat's material. 

  • Hat Cleaning Pads: Effortless Maintenance

    Hat Cleaning Pads are specially designed pads that offer a convenient way to keep your cowboy hat looking fresh and free from dust. The textured surface of the pads efficiently lifts away dirt and debris, revitalising the appearance of your hat with minimal effort. Compact and travel-friendly, the Hat Cleaning Pads are a must-have for on-the-go hat care. Whether you're preparing for a ride or just want to spruce up your hat for a night out, these pads provide a quick and reliable solution, ensuring your hat always looks its best. 

  • Preservation and Storage Solutions  

    Your cowboy hat's protection is paramount, especially during wet weather events. Our Western Hat Cover serves as a versatile accessory, offering shielding not just from dust and accidental damage but also from rain and dampness. Specifically designed for Western hats, this cover ensures your hat remains pristine, whether resting on a shelf or traveling in your gear bag. Its protective features make it an indispensable accessory for maintaining your hat's shape and quality, safeguarding it through unpredictable weather conditions. 

  • Hat Retainer: Maintaining the Perfect Fit 

    The shape and fit of your hat are integral to its appeal. Our Hat Retainer assists in preserving the shape and size of your hat. Placing this retainer inside the hat when not in use helps maintain its form, ensuring it remains true to its original fit. 

  • Hat Saver: Smart Storage for Your Hat 

    When it comes to caring for your cowboy hat during travel or storage, our Hat Saver offers a practical solution, available in two options to best suit your vehicle! The Kwik-Stick Hat Saver is designed with two strong suction caps suitable for glass and gloss surfaces, while the Hat Saver is designed with a spring-loaded loop to screw in between your cars roof handle, and the roof. Designed as a dedicated storage accessory, the Hat Saver ensures your hat remains in pristine condition during transportation or when not in use. Its sturdy construction provides a protective shell, preventing accidental damage and preserving the hat's shape, making it an indispensable accessory for maintaining your hat's quality and allure, whether on the road or at home. 

  • Fort Worth Western Hat Carrier  

    When on the move, safeguard your hat with our Fort Worth Western Hat Carrier. Available in various colours, this carrier provides secure storage, protecting your hat during travel and ensuring it arrives at its destination in pristine condition. 


Preserving the allure and durability of your felt and straw cowboy hats is more than a routine; it's a dedication to honouring tradition and style. At Greg Grant Saddlery, we understand that these hats are not just accessories; they're embodiments of your personality and heritage. Through our range of specialised care products, from comprehensive cleaning kits to protective storage solutions, we endeavour to ensure that your hats stand the test of time. Each product is crafted with the understanding that behind every hat lies a story waiting to unfold. By investing in their care, you're not just maintaining their quality; you're honouring the legacy they represent – a timeless emblem of Western elegance and individuality.