Tack Hack #1

Create a saddle pad ‘wardrobe’

Make it easy to decide which pad you want to use for your ride with a simple, wardrobe-style display. All you need is an adjustable blanket bar and some strong skirt hangers. Fold your saddle pads, click them into a hanger each and hang on a practical, sturdy blanket bar. TIP: Angle the hangers for a snug fit.

We love: Adjustable + Portable Blanket Bar, $59.95 – width adjusts up to 91cm.



Tack Hack #2

Keep your saddle's shape

Apart from your horse, your saddle is likely the most important piece of equipment you own. To retain its rounded form so it fits nicely on your horse, keep it up off the ground on a saddle rack that keeps the bars supported and the skirts flat. Buy as many single saddle racks as you need and fix them to the wall, ensuring there’s enough space between for each saddle.

We love: Fixed Saddle Bracket, $29.95



Tack Hack #3

Bridle 'boutique'

Make it easy to peruse your bridles and choose the right one for your ride by hanging them on a five-rack system. Choose a steel rack (able to hold heavy bridles), which has curved cowls to prevent the kinking of the leather. Different horses and many bridles? Pop a cute name plate above each cowl.

We love: Five Bridle Rack, $26.95



Tack Hack #4

Easy-to-access halters

Say adios to tangles of halters, martingales and more. Hang this portable hook over the stable door or fence to hang tack such as halters or lead ropes. The best thing? The four hooks fold down flat when you are on the move.

We love: Portable Tack Bar, $19.95



Tack Hack #5

Show tack

Most riders have their everyday tack and show tack. Keep your show tack in pristine condition, dust-free and ready to go with a show-worthy grooming trolley. Choose a tack trolley with a saddle rack, hooks for bridles and extra storage for grooming gear.

We love: Stable and Grooming Trolley, $129.95

July 15, 2022 — Greg Grant Saddlery