As an equestrian, the bond you share with your horse is something truly special. Whether you’re gearing up for a leisurely trail ride, a competition, or just some quality bonding time, the right saddle accessories can make all the difference.  
Keep reading to explore some of the essential saddle accessories offered by Greg Grant Saddlery, that can enhance your riding experience and keep you and your equine companion comfortable and safe. 
  • Saddle Bags: Your Equine Adventure Companion 

    Saddle bags are invaluable for equestrians on the go. These functional and stylish accessories allow you to carry essential items without impeding your riding experience. Greg Grant Saddlery offers a wide range of saddle bags, for small, compact options for short rides to larger, multi-compartment bags for those longer journeys. Whether you need a place to store your water bottle, phone, snacks, first-aid supplies, and more!  

  • Latigo Strap: Secure Your Saddle with Confidence  

    The right latigo strap is essential for ensuring the security of your saddle while in the saddle. Greg Grant Saddlery provides high-quality latigo straps that are durable and dependable. Whether you prefer traditional leather or a more modern material, having a reliable latigo strap is crucial for your safety and that of your horse. 

  • Billet Straps: Comfort and Stability for Your Horse 

    Billet straps play a pivotal role in your horse’s comfort during rides. They help distribute pressure of your girth evenly and secure the saddle in place. Find a range of billet straps made from top-quality materials to ensure the utmost comfort for your equine companion here at Greg Grant Saddlery. Properly fitted billet straps prevent chafing and discomfort, ensuring a smoother and safer ride.  

  • Girths: A Secure Foundation 

    The right girth is key to keeping your saddle securely in place. Greg Grant Saddlery provides a variety of girths, including those made from soft, durable materials that minimise the risk of chaffing and rubbing causing girth sores. Properly fitting girths help maintain saddle stability, ensuring your horse can move freely and comfortably.  

Equestrians understand that the details matter when it comes to riding and caring for their horses. Saddle accessories from Greg Grant Saddlery not only help you enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride but also add style and functionality to your equestrian gear. Remember to choose accessories that suit your riding style, the needs of your horse, and the type of adventures you embark on. With the right saddle accessories, you can elevate your equestrian experience and ensure both you and your horse have a rewarding and enjoyable tie in the saddle.  
Explore the range of saddle accessories available from Greg Grant Saddlery and discover how they can enhance your equestrian journey.

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