Guy McLean is a world-renowned horseman, cattleman, and entertainer who has been delighting audiences for over two decades, with his performances showcasing his incredible skills in horsemanship, trick roping, and cattle work.

Guy's remarkable journey isn’t confined to his equine performances or his profound connection with horses. It extends to the world of equestrian craftsmanship and tack design. In collaboration with Fort Worth, Guy McLean has ventures into creating tack that mirrors his passion for horsemanship. As a horseman, Guy understands the importance of good equipment, not just for the rider’s comfort but also for the horse’s well-being. 

Each piece is an embodiment of Guy’s commitment to horsemanship excellence. Drawing from his deep understanding of horse behaviour and rider needs, these are not just functional; they’re a testament to his commitment in bringing the collection to life with pieces that he personally uses in his day-to-day horsemanship. 

Here we introduce to you some standout items from the Fort Worth x Guy McLean Range! 


  1. Fort Worth Guy McLean 5/8” Split Reins with Quick Change Ends – Harness 
    Elevate your riding experience with the Fort Worth Guy McLean 5/8” Spit Reins featuring Quick Change Ends. These reins, crafted with precision, strike the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, ensuring a secure grip and seamless handling. The quick-change ends provide hassle-free adjustment, saving you time during training and competitions.  

  2. Fort Worth Guy McLean Training Surcingle

    The Guy McLean Training Surcingle is a product of Guy’s own design, tailored to meet the needs of working with young horses. This surcingle boasts a simple yet robust design that comfortably rests on the horse’s back, eliminated the need for extra padding. What sets it apart is the position of the training D’s that allows handlers to convey signals to the bridle from a posture similar to that of riding. By incorporating western rigging, the surcingle's girth can be precisely adjusted to match saddle standards, making it an excellent choice for a seamless transition from surcingle to saddle. 

  3. Fort Worth Headstall w/ Snap Bit Ends 

    The Fort Worth Headstall with Snap Bit Ends  is crafted with Hermann Oak Premium Leather, well-known for its supple texture and long-lasting resilience. This headstall incorporates snap bit ends for swift and hassle-free attachment and removal of the bit. The snap ends simplify but changes, saving you valuable time and effort during training and rides. Not only does the stainless-steel hardware lend an elegant touch to the headstall, but it also guarantees enduring sturdiness. Stainless steels rust and corrosion resistance make it an ideal choice for equestrian's gear exposed to varying moisture and outdoor conditions. 

  4. Fort Worth Contoured Steam Pressed Saddle Pad 

    Elevate your riding experience with the Fort Worth Guy McLean Contoured Steam Pressed Saddle Pad. This top-quality pad is designed for comfort, protection, and the perfect fit for both you and your horse. Crafted with precision, it features contoured felt construction, which follows your horse’s back’s natural curves, ensuring a secure and pressure point-free fit. Reinforced with wear pads, this pad is built to last, offering durability and stability. Measuring at 32” x 32” and ½" thick, it provides ample coverage and cushioning, striking the perfect balance between comfort and clean communication during your rides. 

  5. Fort Worth Guy McLean Wool Saddle Pad 

    Experience a new level of riding comfort with the Fort Worth Guy McLean Wool Saddle Pad, taking inspiration from Australia’s own “Man from Snowy River”. This top-teir accessory is designed to provide ultimate comfort for you and your horse. Crafted with prevision, combining the natural breathability and temperature-regulating properties of high-quality wool. Measuring 31” x 31”, it offers ample coverage and a perfect fit for most saddles, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride. Say farewell to sweaty discomfort and let your horse revel in the ultimate comfort during those long rides. 


With the Fort Worth x Guy McLean range found at Greg Grant Saddlery, you can be confident that you’re investing in top-tier horse riding equipment. These products are a testament to both Saddlery Trading Company’s commitment to quality, and Guy McLean’s dedication to horsemanship. Whether you’re a professional rider or simply enjoy leisurely rides, the Fort Worth x Guy McLean range will enhance your experience and deepen the bond with your horse.