As we celebrate 50 years of the Greg Grant Group, we reflect on the dedication and journey that has brought us here today, and give thanks to our valued customers along the way since 1973. 

Over the years, you may have wondered, who is Greg Grant? We simply say, ask your Grandparents! Greg's story is our history and helped shape our success as a family-owned company over the last 50 years. 

Here is the history of Greg Grant Saddlery.


Greg Grant – The Stock & Station Agent  | 1960 – 70’s

Greg Grant started his career as a stock and station agent at Dalgety’s in Sydney. He then moved to Brisbane and joined the team at Winchcombe Carson in Brisbane. Greg’s outstanding talent continued to earn him big success within the industry, and by the early 1970s, he and his wife Patricia decided to launch their own agency selling livestock at Cannon Hill in Brisbane.


The start of the Greg Grant Group  | 1973

The Greg Grant Group story began in June 1973, when Greg and Patricia Grant started Greg Grant and Company. They held their first all-breeds horse and saddlery sale on December 15, 1973, with resounding success.

Greg reset sale records with astonishing prices, yarding vast numbers of stock through the auctions every week at Cannon Hill. The Greg Grant name quickly earned a legendary status in auctioneering at events across the East Coast, with hotspots including Rocklea, Tweed, Glen Innes, Gold Coast, Warwick, Moree and Cannon Hill.

Saddlery was soon introduced to the auctions, which presented Greg and Patricia with a golden opportunity. With years of knowledge, experience and passion for the horse-riding industry, Greg and Patricia recognised the potential in the pleasure horse industry, giving them the courage to take the next big step into retailing saddlery and clothing.

So began the retail journey.


Opening of the first saddlery  | 1976

In 1976, the first saddlery opened in Lismore called Barton’s Saddlery.

Barton’s was shortly followed by the original Brisbane saddlery store located at Coopers Plains, and then another at Aspley.


Annerley store opening  | 1980 

The Annerley store opened in 1980, and the Aspley store was renamed to Greg Grant Saddlery.


Australian Catalogue of the Year  | 1993

The business continued to grow with the successful mail order service, and during the 90’s, Greg Grant Saddlery won the 1993 Australian Catalogue of the year.


The turn of the Century  | 2000

The online website was launched in the 2000’s which allowed the business to reach customers far and wide across Australia.


Greg and Pat Grant Remembered  | 2013

Unfortunately, tragedy struck in December 2013, when Greg and Pat lost their lives in a car accident during a trip to India for a wedding. Their daughter Amanda and her husband Wroxton continue on the family business and legacy.


New Era of Greg Grant Saddlery  | 2015 - now

In 2015 the decision was made to combine the two stores with a substantially refurbished store in Aspley.

Greg Grant Saddlery underwent a rebrand in 2021, while the brand colours changed to green and yellow, the dapple-grey horse remains an icon of the Greg Grant Saddlery business.

December 2022 saw the opening of the Nerang store on the Gold Coast.

The first Greg Grant store to open in over 30 years.

Today, Amanda and Wroxton proudly preserve the Greg Grant Saddlery status as the largest supplier of horse-riding equipment and saddlery in Australia.


Celebrating 50 years, 1973 to 2023.

2023, marks 50 years of the Greg Grant Group. We are proud to celebrate this milestone and thank all our customers over the years and particularly those who have been there from the start.

We are proud to continue to support equestrian clubs, organisations, and charities across Australia and those supported by the Greg Grant Affiliates program.

Whether you shop online or in-store, thank you for 50 years of Greg Grant Saddlery.

October 15, 2023 — Greg Grant Saddlery


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