As the winter season approaches, horse owners must prepare themselves and their horses for the colder months. One of the most essential items that come to mind is horse winter rugs. These rugs are designed to keep horses warm, dry, and comfortable during the winter season, and they also prevent the growth of a thick winter coat. However, it is important to start rugging your horse at the right time to ensure that they stay comfortable and healthy. In this blog post, we will discuss when to start using horse winter rugs and the types of rugs available.

When should you start rugging your horse? Consider the temperature and day length as follows:ā€Øā€Ø



Temperature is the most important factor to consider when deciding when to start rugging your horse. As the temperature drops below 10Ā°C consistently, it is recommended to start using winter rugs. However, it is important to keep in mind that every horse is different, and some may require a rug sooner than others. It is essential to pay attention to your horse's behaviour and body language to determine when they require a rug.


Day Length

Day length is another important factor to consider when starting to rug your horse. As the days get shorter, your horse will begin to grow its winter coat. To slow the growth of the winter coat, it is crucial to start rugging your horse as soon as the days start to get shorter. If you have a show horse that needs to keep its coat shorter, you may need to keep them under lights at the stable to make their body believe they are still in summer.


Types of horse winter rugs:


Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are a popular choice among horse owners. Rugs such as Kozy 1200D Ripstop Horse Rug Combo are waterproof and windproof rugs designed to be worn outside in cold and wet conditions. Turnout rugs come in different weights, from lightweight to heavyweight, depending on the climate in your region. Heavyweight turnout rugs like the Kozy 1200D Ripstop Horse Rug Combo w/250g Fill are suitable for horses in areas where temperatures drop below freezing, while lightweight turnout rugs such as Kozy 600D Horse Winter Rug Combo w/200g Fill the are ideal for milder winter weather. However, it is important to ensure that the rug is the correct weight for your horse's individual needs.


Under Rugs

Under rugs are thin rugs designed to be worn under turnout or stable rugs for extra warmth. Wool Rugs, like the GG Australia Wool Kersey Horse Rug or Polar Fleece are ideal for horses that feel the cold or when the temperature drops below freezing. Using an under rug will reduce rubbing and extend the life of your winter rug (Read More). It is important to note that under rugs should only be used when necessary as too many layers can cause overheating and discomfort for the horse.


When using a horse winter rug, it is important to ensure that the rug is fitted properly and kept in the best possible condition for your horse's health. Also, check our tips for riding in winter to keep your horse happy during the cold months.Ā 

In conclusion, horse winter rugs are an essential item for keeping horses warm, dry, and comfortable during the cold winter months. Additionally, it is important to remember that horses are individual animals and what works for one may not suit the other, and also to monitor your horse's condition and adjust the use of rugs accordingly to ensure their well-being. The type of rug you choose will depend on the climate in your region and your horse's individual needs. Whether for full-size horses, miniature horses, or ponies, you will find the perfect horse winter rug at Greg Grant Saddlery.

March 24, 2023 — Greg Grant Saddlery


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