Amica, a leading brand in equestrian equipment, offers a remarkable range of bits. The mouthpieces are crafted from 100% medical titanium, providing exceptional performance, durability and comfort for your horse. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of titanium bits and the various types of sidepieces, highlighting their unique advantages and applications.

The Benefits of Titanium:

Titanium is highly esteemed in the equestrian community due to its outstanding properties. Known for its low density, high strength, and resistance to corrosion, titanium is an ideal material for crafting horse bits. Amica harnesses the full potential of titanium, ensuring that riders and horses can experience the numerous benefits it offers.

Comfort and Acceptance:

One notable advantage of titanium bits is their tasteless nature. This allows the bit to naturally adapt to the mouth's temperature, promoting comfort and acceptance for the horse. Titanium bits are particularly recommended for horses with sensitive mouths that may react to other metals, even with gentle contact. By using a titanium bit, riders can help prevent the development of red marks or sores, ensuring a more comfortable riding experience.

Types of Amica Sidepieces:

Loose Rings:

Loose Rings are designed to move independently from the mouthpiece, providing horses with greater freedom to use their tongues and adjust the pressure from the bit. This distinguishes them from Fixed Rings, which offer a more stable contact. Bit Guards can be used to reduce ring movement for those seeking a more consistent rein feel. Loose Rings, such as The Venice are an excellent choice for horses that tend to lean on the bit or feel stiff. Selecting an appropriate mouthpiece can further enhance stability and comfort.


Fixed Rings:

Fixed Rings are directly attached to the mouthpiece, creating a consistent contact point with the horse's mouth when the reins are engaged. They encourage the horse to maintain contact with the bit, promoting stability and security for both rider and horse. The level of contact and stability can be tailored by selecting the appropriate mouthpiece to accompany the fixed rings. Fixed Rings are particularly beneficial for steering and can help calm horses that exhibit excessive playfulness with the bit. If you're looking for a fixed ring bit check The Paris.


Loose Baucher:

The Loose Baucher is specifically designed to maintain the mouthpiece's stability without the interference of a loose ring. This makes it an excellent choice for riders dealing with issues such as wounds in the corners of the mouth or excessive wear on the premolars (P2). The consistent pressure exerted by the Loose Baucher bit helps draw attention to these sensitive areas, ultimately promoting relaxation and comfort for the horse. This design ensures a steady and secure contact while addressing specific concerns related to the horse's mouth. Check our range of Loose Baucher: The Sydney, The Miami, The Milan & The London.


Baby Fulmer:

The Baby Fulmer bit lays close to the horse's side, enhancing steering and providing stability to the mouthpiece. The positioning of the loose rings away from the mouth corners distributes pressure further down and inward, encouraging the horse to lift in the front, maintain contact, and avoid stiffness. The Baby Fulmer, including The Verona is a comfortable choice for many horses, including young ones, and is even approved for dressage by the FEI.



The Universal bit combines the versatility of the Baby Fulmer with the desirable leverage and flexibility offered by the Universal rings. Placing the reins in the lower rings turns the Universal rings into a gag bit, exerting pressure on the neck and mouth. Attaching a chain or strap between the top rings allows for the distribution of pressure on the chin, poll, and mouth. The Universal bit offers a flexible and lightweight feel that can assist horses struggling with heaviness, stiffness, lengthening, and lowering, without compromising sensitivity.



The Kimblehook bit resembles a fixed ring bit but provides the option to add leverage when needed. Moving the rein further down the Kimblehook increases pressure, which is then divided between the chin, poll, and mouth. This stable-feeling bit is beneficial for horses that tend to become strong, unbalanced, or difficult to turn. By applying pressure further down the mouth, the Kimblehook can assist horses that tend to excessively raise their necks.


Show Pelham:

Designed for use with two reins, the Show Pelham offers flexibility through its loose ring. Combining elements of a Loose Baucher bit and a curb bit, this bit allows the rider to apply leverage only when necessary. Placing the rein in the snaffle ring provides no leverage, while using the bottom ring adds leverage. This versatility allows for easy adaptation to suit the horse's requirements. A Baby Pelham can also be used with a converter strap or Pelham roundings for single rein use. If Show Pelham is perfect for your horse, check out The Monaco.



The Beval bit offers a soft and flexible feel in the hand, similar to a 2½ & 3 Ring Snaffle, but with a gentler effect and less leverage. Multiple rein positions can be used depending on the desired effect. Additionally, the Beval bit, such as The Rio, is designed with bent loop rings on the inside, enabling the use of a gag rein. The gag rein smoothly slides through the loop rings, expanding the range of rein options available.


Amica's range of bits provides equestrians with a wide array of options to cater to their horse's specific needs and preferences. The use of medical-grade titanium ensures durability and allows riders to harness the full benefits of this exceptional metal. Whether riders require stability, flexibility, leverage, or a combination of features, Amica titanium bits offer superior performance, comfort, and foster a lasting partnership between horse and rider. Explore the extensive range of Amica titanium bits and experience the difference for yourself.

July 17, 2023 — Greg Grant Saddlery
Tags: Horse Care


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