Welcome to the wonderful world of horses! At Greg Grant Saddlery, we understand the thrill and responsibility that comes with embracing this journey. Here are ten essential tips that we recommend, to assist new horse owners in starting their adventure off on the right hoof.  

  1. Safety First 

    Before stepping into the saddle, it's crucial to prioritize safety. At Greg Grant Saddlery, we emphasize the importance of proper safety gear. Ensure your riding helmet fits snugly, meeting safety standards, and provides adequate protection in case of a fall. Our collection of riding boots offers not only comfort but also the necessary ankle support while riding. Additionally, invest in a durable riding jacket that provides protection from weather elements without restricting movement. Explore our range of safety vests and body protectors for added safety during training or more challenging rides. Your safety is paramount, and having the right gear significantly reduces the risk of injury. 

  2. Get the Right Saddle  

    Choosing the right saddle is essential for the comfort and well-being of both rider and horse. At Greg Grant Saddlery, our diverse range of saddles caters to various disciplines and horse breeds. We offer expert saddle fitting services, ensuring a perfect fit for you and your horse. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the selection process, taking into account your riding style, horse's conformation, and your comfort preferences. A properly fitted saddle not only enhances your riding experience but also prevents discomfort or injury for your horse, allowing for better performance and a stronger bond between you and your equine partner. 

  3. Invest in Quality Tack 

    High-quality tack is fundamental for your horse's comfort, safety, and performance. At Greg Grant Saddlery, our tack collection encompasses a range of bridles, bits, reins, and other riding essentials made from premium materials. Opt for a bridle that fits comfortably and provides clear communication between you and your horse. Explore our selection of bits designed for various riding disciplines and preferences, ensuring both effectiveness and comfort for your horse. Quality tack not only aids in effective communication but also contributes to your horse's overall well-being and willingness to work with you. 

  4. Routine Health Check-ups and Veterinary Care 

    Regular health check-ups are vital for your horse's well-being. At Greg Grant Saddlery, we stress the importance of routine veterinary care, including vaccinations, dental check-ups, and health assessments. Partnering with a trusted veterinarian and following a consistent health care schedule ensures your horse stays healthy, preventing potential illnesses and addressing any health concerns promptly. 

  5. Proper Grooming 

    Regular grooming isn't just about appearances; it's a crucial aspect of maintaining your horse's health and happiness. At Greg Grant Saddlery, our selection of grooming supplies goes beyond brushes and combs. Explore our range of grooming kits that include hoof picks, shedding blades, mane and tail brushes, and specialized shampoos. Regular grooming helps in distributing natural oils throughout the coat, stimulating blood circulation, and identifying any skin issues or injuries early on. It's also a bonding experience that strengthens your relationship with your horse. 

  6. Nutrition: The Foundation of Health 

    Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of your horse's well-being. Greg Grant Saddlery offers a comprehensive range of high-quality supplements and nutritional products tailored to meet your horse's specific dietary needs. From specialized supplements designed to support joint health, digestion, and overall vitality, experts can assist you in creating a balanced diet plan for your horse. 

    Quality feed is essential for your horse’s health and wellbeing. We have a variety of supplements and other nutritional products to ensure your horse gets the nutrition it needs. 

  7. Training and Education  

    Consider enrolling in training and educational programs. Participating in clinics, workshops, and training sessions led by expert instructors can significantly improve your riding skills and deepen your understanding of horse care and handling. These programs provide invaluable hands-on experience and knowledge that can elevate your confidence and competence as a horse owner. 

  8. Developing a Strong Bond 

    Take the time to understand your horse beyond their physicality. Spend moments observing their behaviour, moods, and preferences. Knowing your horse's personality, quirks, and physical limits will aid in creating a deeper bond and understanding. At Greg Grant Saddlery, our knowledgeable staff can guide you in understanding equine behaviour and help you tailor your approach to suit your horse's individual needs. 

  9. Have Fun! 

    Riding should always bring joy and fulfillment. Explore our range of riding accessories at Greg Grant Saddlery, from colourful saddle pads to innovative riding gadgets designed to enhance your riding experience. Treat your horse to special toys or tasty treats from our selection to make each ride not just a training session but a fun and engaging experience for both of you. 

  10. Join a Riding Association 

    Joining a riding association provides new horse owners with a community and knowledge base. These clubs offer workshops, seminars, and hands-on training sessions by experts. Greg Grant Saddlery supports these associations as they foster connections, friendships, and advice exchange. Members gain practical riding experiences, exclusive resources, and a supportive network. It's more than just learning about horses; it's about forging connections and becoming part of a community. 

Embarking on the equestrian journey brings an unparalleled thrill, marked by learning, connection, and the joy of partnership between rider and horse. At Greg Grant Saddlery, this adventure is met with guidance and support, ensuring safety and comfort through quality gear and expert fittings. From the excitement of stepping into the saddle to the satisfaction of understanding your horse, each moment embodies the essence of this thrilling world. As riders embrace this journey, they discover a realm where bonds flourish, experiences are treasured, and lifelong memories are forged. Welcome to the exhilarating realm of horses, where every ride promises excitement, learning, and an extraordinary partnership.