As the temperatures start to sore, it’s essential to ensure your horse remains comfortable and protected during the scorching summer months. One of the key components in achieving this is selecting the right summer horse rug. With a variety of options available, from mesh combo rugs to cotton ripstop horse rugs, making an informed choice is crucial to keep your four-legged from cool, happy and healthy.  

Follow us as we explore different types of summer horse rugs, to help you make the best decision for your beloved horse! 

  1. Mesh Rugs: Optimal Breathability 

    Mesh rugs are designed to maximise breathability while providing protection from the sun and pesky insects. The mesh allows for excellent airflow and keeps your horse cool, combined with other light weight durable materials for added protection. These rugs are a perfect choice for horses that are sensitive to heat and need to stay bug-free during the summer. 

  2. PVC Shade Mesh Combo Rugs: Enhanced UV Protection 

    If you live in an area with intense sun and heat, PVC shade mesh combo rugs are the way to go. They offer the same excellent airflow as regular mesh combos but with added UV protection. The PVC material helps block harmful sun rays while allowing your horse to remain comfortable. This rug option is ideal for horses with sensitive skin or those that are prone to sunburn. 

  3. Natural Jute Rugs: Eco-Friendly and Breathable 

    For the environmentally conscious horse owner, natural jute rugs are an excellent choice. Jute is a natural, biodegradable material that provides good breathability and wicks away moisture effectively. While they may not offer UV protection like some other options, natural jute rugs are a sustainable and comfortable choice for your horse. 

  4. Fly Sheet Horse Rugs: Combatting Pesky Insects 

    Summer often brings an influx of bothersome flies and insects. Fly sheet horse rugs are designed to keep these pests at bay while also providing some sun protection. These lightweight, breathable rugs are a must-have for horses that are sensitive to bug bites, as they offer much-needed relief during the hot months. 

  5. Flag Material Horse Rugs: Durability and Shade 

    Flag material horse rugs are made from a durable, polyester-like fabric that provides some shade and protection from the sun. They are ideal for horses who spend their days in the paddock, and need a rug that can withstand wear and tear. 

  6. Cotton Ripstop Horse Rugs: Traditional Comfort 

    Cotton ripstop horse rugs are the classic summer option for many horse owners. These rugs are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable, making them perfect for horses that don’t have specific sensitivities. Cotton ripstop rugs are easy to maintain and can be used in a variety of weather conditions. 


Choosing the Right Rug for Your Horse. 

When selecting a summer horse rug, there are several factors to consider:  

Your Horse’s Sensitivities: Take into account any skin sensitivities or allergies your horse may have. Mesh combos, PVC shade mesh, and fly sheet horse rugs are excellent options for sensitive horses.  

Climate: Consider the climate in your area. If you live in a hot, sunny region, UV protection should be a priority, making PVC shade mesh and flag material rugs top choices.  

Budget: Your budget may also influence your decision. Mesh combo rugs and cotton ripstop rugs often offer good value for money.  

Durability: If your horse is active and spend a lot of time outdoors, consider the durability of the rug. Options like flag material and cotton ripstop are known for their longevity.  

Personal preferences: Lastly, don’t forget your own preferences and your horse’s comfort. Try to strike a balance between protection and breathability to keep your horse happy.  


Selecting the right summer horse rug is essential to keep your horse comfortable and protected during the hot months. Each type of rug has its own unique advantages, and your choice should be tailored to your horse’s specific needs and your local climate.  
With the right summer horse rug, you can ensure your horse enjoys the summer season to the fullest while staying both cool and comfortable!