Welcome to the exhilarating world of the Australian Reining Breeders Classic, where the essence of western reining thrives against the breathtaking backdrop of the Queensland countryside. The ARBC has established itself as a pinnacle event in the equestrian calendar, drawing top riders, breeders, and enthusiasts from all corners of the country.  

At its core, the Australian Reining Breeders Classic is a celebration of dedication and passion, uniting breeders, trainers, riders, and their equine partners in a display of skill and camaraderie. After 9 years running, this event serves as a platform for participants of all levels, from seasoned professionals to rising stars, to showcase the remarkable abilities of their horses.  

From electrifying slide-stops to lightning-fast spins, the ARBC offers spectators a glimpse into the remarkable versatility and athleticism of reining horses bred and trained right here in Australia. Each performance is a testament to the extraordinary bond between horse and rider, characterised by precision, control, and finesse that never fails to captivate judges and audiences alike.  

As the anticipation mounts for the upcoming Australian Reining Breeders Classic, our very own Fort Worth proudly stands as one of the sponsors and supporters of this remarkable event. Alongside our commitment to the equestrian community, we’re thrilled to announce some exciting additions to this year’s competition! Fort Worth will be bringing along competitor packs, ensuring riders have everything they need to shine in the arena. Last year, we had the pleasure of gifting halters, and this year, we’re taking it up a notch. Additionally, we’re honoured to present the Fort Worth Trophy Saddle, a prestigious prize that symbolises excellence and achievement in the world of reining.  

But that’s not all – be sure to swing by our trade stall at the event to explore our latest offerings and chat everything horses with our team! Joint us for a week of unforgettable excitement at the ARBC. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, there is something for everyone – from awe-inspiring competition to the forging of lifelong friendships.  
Don’t miss out of this incredible experience!