Looking forward to the summer show season? It's never too early to begin planning! Ensure your horse is prepped and primed for the upcoming year by starting now. Getting your horse ready for showtime requires some effort, but we've got your back!

Our Show Prep guide offers valuable tips and top-notch products to help you breeze through the preparation phase and get your horse show-ready. 


Training & Conditioning  

Training is the foundation of success in any competition. Prioritise regular training sessions to improve your horse's performance and build their stamina. Work on specific disciplines required for the show, such as jumping, dressage, or trail classes. Conditioning exercises help to enhance strength, flexibility, and endurance, ensuring your horse is at their peak during the event. 


Health & Nutrition 

A well-rounded diet and proper health care are paramount. Ensure your horse's diet is balanced and tailored to their needs. Regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, dental care, and farrier visits are essential. A healthy horse performs better in the ring. 


Grooming & Bathing  

Grooming isn't just about aesthetics; it's about health and presentation. Regular grooming sessions keep your horse's coat, mane, and tail clean and healthy. Bathing before the show removes dirt and sweat, giving your horse a radiant appearance. Use quality grooming products like shampoos, conditioners, and a detangler to ensure a glossy and tidy look. 


Follow along for our top show prep products! 


  1. World Champion Pepi Neck-Sweat Reducer 
    Achieve that polished look with the World Champion Pepi Neck Sweat Reducer. This product aids in achieving a sleek and refined appearance for your horse's neck area, ensuring a professional and competition-ready look. 
  1. World Champion Pepi Shine On 
    For that extra gleam and shine, opt for the World Champion Pepi Shine On. This grooming solution provides a lustrous finish, highlighting your horse’s coat and emphasizing their natural beauty under the show lights. 
  1. Hindquarter Marker Patterns  
    Precision is key in presentation. Utilise the Hindquarter Marker Patterns to create defined and symmetrical markings, setting your horse apart with professionally executed patterns. 
  1. ShowMaster Silicon Braiding Bands  
    Effortlessly style your horse's mane and tail with Showmaster Silicon Braiding Bands. These high-quality bands ensure a neat and secure hold, contributing to an impeccable appearance. 
  1. STC Waxed Thread 
    Detailing matters! Employ the STC Waxed Thread for intricate braiding and detailing work. Its durability and strength provide reliable support for intricate mane and tail braids. 
  1. Ultra Highlighters 
    Add some extra flair! The Ultra Highlighters help accentuate specific areas, drawing attention to your horse’s best features and creating a visually stunning appearance. 
  1. Showmaster Grooming Chalk 
    Need touch-ups? The Showmaster Grooming Chalk assists in covering minor imperfections, ensuring a flawless presentation for your horse in the ring. 
  1. Grooming Razors 
    Refinement matters. Use Grooming Razors for precise trimming and finishing touches, ensuring your horse’s appearance is sharp and well-groomed. 
  1. Mane ‚Äėn Tail Spray ‚Äėn Braid¬†
    Simplify the braiding process with Mane 'n Tail Spray 'n Braid. This product aids in managing and conditioning the hair, making it more pliable for braiding. 


Show preparation is an art, and these carefully curated products from Greg Grant Saddlery provide the tools needed to create a winning presentation for your equine partner. Elevate your horse's appearance, showcase their beauty, and set the stage for success at your next horse show! 


Visit our store to explore these products and gear up for a standout performance that'll leave a lasting impression on the judges.